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15 鈴木大拙館 D.T. Suzuki Museum

  • © D.T.Suzuki Museum© D.T.Suzuki Museum
  • © D.T.Suzuki Museum© D.T.Suzuki Museum
  • © D.T.Suzuki Museum
  • © D.T.Suzuki Museum

Contemplating the world of D.T. Suzuki
Daisetz Suzuki, best known as D. T. Suzuki, was a great Buddhist philosopher from Kanazawa.This museum standing near his birthplace consists of three wings connected by corridors : an Entrance Wing, an Exhibition Wing, a Contemplative Wing, and three gardends: the Vestibule Garden, the Roji Garden and the Water-Mirror Garden. Visitors can learn about his ideas and achievements, and also engage in their own contemplation. The museum was designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, a world-famous architect.

9:30am~5:00pm (Admission until 4:30pm)
Monday (When Monday is a holiday, the following day) Year-end and New Year’s holidays (12/29 ~1/3) and periods of exhibit change
Adults ¥310, 65 years or older: ¥210, High school students or younger: free
Hokutetsu Bus: Kanazawa Station to Honda-machi, and walk for 4 min / Loop Bus (R-Loop): Kanazawa Station to Honda-machi (Hokuriku Broadcast) and walk for 4 min
3-4-20 Honda-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0964
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