金沢アート&ミュージアムガイド -金沢よるまっし-

8 兼六園・金沢城公園 Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenrokuen Garden

  • 金沢城公園(復元された菱櫓(ひしやぐら)・五十間長屋・橋爪門続櫓)
  • 兼六園(徽軫灯籠:ことじとうろう)
  • 兼六園(雪吊りが施された唐崎松)
  • ことじ灯籠(雪景色)
  • 石川門(桜風景)
  • カキツバタ花見橋
  • 玉泉院丸庭園ライトアップ
  • 玉泉院丸庭園
  • 兼六園紅葉ライトアップ(観光連盟)
  • 鼠多門ライトアップ
  • 金沢城公園(復元された菱櫓(ひしやぐら)・五十間長屋・橋爪門続櫓)
  • 兼六園(徽軫灯籠:ことじとうろう)
  • 兼六園(雪吊りが施された唐崎松)
  • 兼六園(雪景色)
  • 兼六園(桜風景)
  • 兼六園(春)
  • 玉泉院丸庭園
  • 玉泉院丸庭園
  • 兼六園(雪吊り)
  • 鼠多門

Kanazawa Castle Park offers its visitors an open space surrounded by greenery. This Park continues to stand as a symbol of Kanazawa Castle's historical and cultural heritage for future generations. The restored portions of the Castle such as Hishiyagura Turret, Gojikkennagaya Tenement and Hashizumemon Tsuzukiyagura Turret are the largest wooden structures built after Meiji Period. Kenrokuen is considered as one of the 3 most beautiful Japanese gardens and is designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty. Visitors can enjoy the various shades of Garden's beauty in 4 seasons.

Kanazawa Castle Park/Kenrokuen Garden Mar. 1~Oct. 15 7am~6pm; Oct. 16~ Feb. end 8am~5pm For Hishiyagura,Gojikkennagaya, Hashizumemon Tsuzukiyagura and Hashizumemon 9am~4pm(Closes at 4:30 pm)
Kanazawa Castle Park - Free (For Hishiyagura, Gojikkennagaya, Hashizumemon Tsuzukiyagura and Hashizumemon: Adults(18+ years old) ¥320, Children(6~17 years old) ¥100)For Kenrokuen: Adults(18+ years old): ¥320, Children(6~17 years old): ¥100
[Kanazawa Castle Park] 1-1 Maru-no-uchi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0937
[Kenrokuen Garden] 1 Kenroku, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0936
[TEL] 076-234-3800