金沢アート&ミュージアムガイド -金沢よるまっし-

21 石川県立能楽堂 Ishikawa Prefectural Noh Theater

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  • 外観
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Established in 1972, this Noh theater was the first independent Noh theater in Japan to be established as a public Noh theater. Ever since its establishment, it has been a popular center of Noh, working towards preservation and transfer as well as promotion of Noh in Ishikawa. The main stage of Kanazawa Noh Theater which was originally built in 1932 was transferred and set up at Prefectural Noh Theater. The stage presents a grand sight with its subdued hue and a majestic appearance which are a result of long passage of time.

9am~10 pm (Open to visitors till 4:30 pm)
Every Monday, Yearend and New Year (Dec.29 ~ Jan.3)
Free(However, free tour is possible only on the days without performances)※ No fee for Noh performances
4-18-3 Ishibiki, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
[TEL] 076-264-2598